August 17, 2007

Profilactic mashup launches updates

New features include enhanced support for FaceBook. Do you have a profilactic yet? If not its a great way to keep all of your web 2.0 services, widgets, clippings etc.. in one place. You can see my GISuser profilactic here as an example. This gateway gives you access to some of the services I've used including facebook, YouTube, Flickr, 43 people, my DIGGs, delicious posts, Twitters, my LinkedIn profile, RSS feeds and news clippings from my blogs and and much more - see

Other noteworthy enhancements:
JavaScript-based Mashup badge
You can now take your Mashup content with you by copying and pasting a code snippet into your blog or website. The badge displays your most recent 7 Mashup items. See the Mashup badge in action in the right column of this blog

Clippings - Mashup integration
That's a fancy way of saying that, when you add a Clipping to Profilactic, that will be noted in your Mashup.

Improved Mashup and Clippings display
We made a few tweaks to the fonts and styles that control the Mashup and Clippings pages. The new pages are easier to read and scan.

See the full list of v2.1 improvements

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