June 10, 2005

GIS at heart of Washington State Relocation Tool

The State of Washington is using GIS at the heart of it's new business recruitment Web site
Developed by the Washington State Department of Community, Trade & Economic Development (CTED), the primary goal of the new Web site at ChooseWashington.com is to simplify the process for site selection consultants, corporate real estate executives and businesses who are seeking information about relocating to or expanding in Washington. At the heart of ChooseWashington.com is Favorable Location Search, GIS (Geographic Information System) technology that provides users with reports, maps and data that would otherwise take a great deal of time and expense to collect. By simply inputting criteria, available properties can be viewed and important information provided including size, cost, geographic advantages, and contact information. Corresponding community demographic reports such as labor force, education levels, consumer spending, and average age also can be created. In addition, businesses are mapped by industry showing their distribution and concentrations throughout the area. The dynamic mapping capabilities include the ability to zoom in and out, move the map, identify information and view geographic "layers" of information such as parks, schools, airports, railroads, ZIP Codes, points of interest, and neighboring cities and towns.
See http://www.ChooseWashington.com

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