November 22, 2005

Quinte West, Ontario goes online with new interactive mapping website

Mayor Bob Campney was at the public unveiling of the system at city hall on November 18. “It is astounding!” he said. “These guys did a great job. Quinte West is on the leading edge.” Ed Woods said in his 17 years of municipal government, “This is the proudest day of my life.” The Geographical Information System (GIS) web mapping application is the fastest in Ontario. It allows the person to view their city as never before. Aerial photography at a minimum scale of 1:15,000 is available as well as the ability to search properties by roll number or 9-1-1 address, and access topographical information that reveals wetland, woodland, water bodies and contours. Eventually an annual fee of $150 will be implemented for use - See (Source: Community press online -

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