January 12, 2006

Google Maps For Your Apps! Virtual Training Course

Eric from Geospatial Training has sent this  info my way which may be of interest to you budding map hackers/mashers... GeoSpatial Training & Consulting, LLC, a provider of virtual and instructor led GIS training courses, is pleased to announce the release of its latest virtual training course entitled "Google Maps For Your Apps!". This course is designed to enable you to take advantage of Google Maps for your website.  You will learn how to create maps, add map controls for user interactions (zooming, and panning), programmatically alter the map extent, add points of interest to the map, add custom icons, geocode addresses on the fly, read addresses from a database or XML file, and display aerial photography.  See http://www.geospatialtraining.com/catalog_googlemaps.cfm

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