March 24, 2006

Anything Geospatial... should I do it?

I'm searching for feedback on my "new and improved" Blog titled Anything Geospatial - -- Should I stay or should I go? I've been messing with the my.opera blog functionality for a bit but I can't decide whether to flip the switch or not. What's your take? Any comments? The blogger blog (this one here) has served it's purpose and there's likely many links in and people sucking in the RSS feed, so I'm obviously worried about ticking off those people by moving. If I move will it affect you or do you even care?? Unless I see any major issues I'm thinking that this week-end or Monday I'll pull the plug on blogging here and Use the my.opera GISuser blog that I've developed at ... I even have a name... Anything Geospatial


Anonymous said...

Hey if it gets ya off Blogger, I'm all for it! ;)

Let me know and I'll update Planet Geospatial.

gletham Communications said...'s done... I'm now using the new blog... "Anything Geospatial" found at

Anonymous said...

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5th International Symposium on Digital Earth...
Geospatial wonders coming to San Francisco Bay June 5-9 2007