January 18, 2007

A Tip - Cell Swapper - no more contracts?

Something off-topic but perhaps of interest to a few of you out there. Have you ever been stuck in a cell phone contract and wanted out? This website appears to offer a way to get out of a contract... no hassles. Simply put, the service "shops" the remainder of your contract to someone else who wants in. No termination fees etc... you simply post details of your plan (eg. 6 months left on T-mobile) and others that want in can pick it up. Sounds too good to be true but if you want out it may be useful! See http://www.cellswapper.com/

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Anonymous said...

I used celltradeusa.com a few months ago to get out of my cell phone contract :) Just wanted to share my positive experience that I had. I learned of celltrade through a smart money article an dicided to give them a shot. It was really easy. I posted all my plan details and phone model. I had quite a few responses pretty quickly. I took my listing id and advertised it around myself as well on sites like njville.com because im from NJ. Anyway I call T-Mobile and told them my situation and that i had someone to take over my contract and 15 minutes later it was out of my contract penalty free!

I am a celltrade fan for life :)