February 20, 2007

ArcExperts Blog/Aggregation resource now up for ArcGIS developers

Just in case you don't have enough blogs bookmarked yet you might wish to check out this new resource developed by Dave Bouwman at http://www.arcexperts.net/. Essentially its been developed using OPML I believe (Dave even offers up a short tutorial on this http://blog.davebouwman.net). The resource indexes weblogs and resources that are focused on ArcInfo, ArcGIS and developing for the ArcGIS platform. Think planetgeo but more focused. FYI, if you want to develop your own aggregation of your favorite blogs I suggest you create a Google account and setup your Google homepage to crawl only your favorite blogs, news sources, flickr streams or ??? You simply add XML or RSS feeds for anything that interest you... pretty simple yet very effective... I have my very own GIS-centric Google home page with all the latest news (from GISuser.com naturally!) and many other cool resources. I can now add ArcExperts to my list of feeds using this url: http://feeds.feedburner.com/arcexperts - FYI, to add GISuser headlines to your Google homepage (or your myYahoo!) simpl add this feed - http://feeds.feedburner.com/GisUsercom

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