February 15, 2007

Reminder, Nokia maps (smart2go) Beta is now available

The free mobile mapping/routing application from Nokia is now available for free download today - although it seems to have been up and down! I finally got my download to work.. a tip.. try the PC download rather than the SMS download of the 3.4 MB file! At first glance its quite cool although I'm a bit unsure about the POI database. As a test i tried entering a search on Fort Collins, CO and a number of POIs seem to randomly appear (many are hotels). I quickly jump to the map and browse around, toggling from a 2D to a 3D (sort of) view. The 3D is simply a tilted view giving a somewhat 3D appearance. The POIs are random in nature and features like ATMs, airports etc.. show up on the map. The app is quite fast... i tried connecting via my wireless LAN and via T-mobile internet connectivity.. beware of this if you don't have all you can eat data on your mobile plan. I'm still messing around with it but I'll also try some of the routinng and directions features soon. I lilke the ability to search and them email the results to someone... very handy. Overall for a free app its pretty darned cool. You can get smart2go from www.nokia.com/maps or jump to www.smart2go.com... stay tuned! Note: the app is available for Symbian S603 smartphones and Windows mobile devices also.

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