February 14, 2007

ShoZu Adds Geotagging for Flickr, YouTube - now supports GPS enabled smartphones

Oh man... while away I almost missed out in this announcement. It involves some of my favorite web services and one of the coolest, free mobile apps around. What do you get when you combine Shozu mobile uploading app with YouTube, Flickr, and then throw in Geotagging too?? Well, you get a kick-ass application that any smartphone would be an idiot to ndo without! Shozu has recently added all this capability to their latest and its amazing. Here's some more details from Shozu (announcement made at 3GSM)... ShoZu Adds Geotagging for Flickr, YouTube & 5 Other Sites - the Share-It one-click image uploading service now offers location tagging for photos and video clips sent from GPS-enabled phones to Flickr and YouTube as well as Buzznet, Dada.net, moblogUK, Pikeo and Textamerica. ShoZu is the only upload service that provides automatic geotagging for cameraphone uploads to more than one Internet destination. It also supports more GPS handsets than any other provider. With the new geotagging feature, GPS-enabled handsets equipped with the ShoZu application can attach latitude and longitude information to images automatically upon capture. ShoZu will then send this information to any Share-It destination that supports tagging, along with all other tags the user has created manually. In the case of Flickr, uploaded images will also be displayed automatically in their precise location on the user’s Flickr map. For users, geotags make it possible to search community photo repositories by geographical location just as they would search by any other tag, whether to explore a vacation destination, find photos of a certain city or area that contributors have failed to tag with location information, or simply hunt for users with common interests. Non-Flickr users who want mapping capabilities can pinpoint the exact location of geotagged photos of interest by pasting the geotags into an application like Google Earth. THIS IS SWEET! see www.shozu.com


Anonymous said...

Lookup locations worldwide on satellitepictures easy by address and online?

PICSFROMSPACE => http://www.walweb.nl/picsfromspace

Mark said...

Thanks very much for your positive comments! Geotagging drew lots of attention for us at 3GSM and it's great to see communities such as this one embracing it already.