March 09, 2007

Google photos and creating your business profile with a logo on Google Maps and Google Local Business Center

No doubt you may have heard (or read) that Google maps has added images to the offering. What this means is that when you use gmaps to conduct a search for a business you also now get to see an image or photo associated with that business. What you may not know is that the image you see is either provided by the business owner (if they have a google account), otherwise the image is pulled from Google's image search, resulting in what may or may not be a totally relevant image - for example, I could have a picture of myself called "esri" that I may have snapped at an ESRI UC and this picture could possible get pulled and posted along with a relevant search on Google maps. So, if you happen to have a business listed in Google's business directory you may wish to go into your profile and add your company's logo to your profile. This will then result in your logo being shown when someone searches for your business using Google maps. As an example, I search google maps for Autodesk, San Rafael.. the image that is shown along with the resulting directory listing is actually being pulled from a blog on So how do you add details of your business to Google Maps? Simple.. create a Google account, then using the Google Local Business Center create a profile for your business. In a few days you'll be sent a postcard from Google with a PIN to verify the information you provided. For more details see

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