April 05, 2007

Google Announces KML Search via Google Maps and My Maps - create your own mashup in seconds

This interesting tidbit comes via way of the Google maps developer weblog (http://googlemapsapi.blogspot.com). Simply put, using google maps users can now search through the directory of Global listings of KML files using "maps". Along with this is word of a new feature called MyMaps -- My Maps, is a new feature that makes it quick and easy to create your own custom Google Maps just by pointing and clicking. Users can now easily add placemarks, draw lines and shapes, and embed text, photos and videos -- all using a simple drag and drop interface to create personal maps to share and store. Create your own personal maps by visiting http://maps.google.com/help/maps/userguide/index.html and getting some pointers from the tutorial. For more info see also http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2007/04/map-making-so-easy-caveman-could-do-it.html -

Below is a quick and dirty first attempt at saving my own map (think your very own mashup in seconds!) All you need is a google account and the know-how to use Google maps.. quite simple really. Notice the "KML" upper left so you can easily save your map as a KML... cool! All your maps can be quickly saved in your "My Maps" for viewing and sharing.

See Official Google Blog: Map-making: So easy a caveman could do it

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