April 17, 2007

A huge blow to GITA Conference... ACSM bows out of next year's co-location in Seattle

This one is definitely bad news as we just received official word from GITA that ACSM has been forces to postpone the co-location of their annual event with GITA... recall the 2 events were planning on being co-located next spring in Seattle. According to the PR, ACSM has a major conflict with another industry event and won't be able to locate with GITA for the scheduled event. This is a bummer as its no secret that GITA Conference attendance (and exhibitors) has bee steadily declining. The event is always a fantastic show with terrific speakers, presenters, and exhibitors while it has become known to many in the GIS space as the "utilities GIS show". After attending the recent event in San Antonio I was disappointed to see the decline in attendance but was lifted by the announcement that GITA would co-locate with ACSM... after all, I've never been to ACSM as it typically conflicts with GITA! GITA Conference 31 will proceed as planned in Seattle next year MArch 9-12, 2008 - see www.gita.org

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