April 16, 2007

Tea map! shared with photobucket from smartphone

Photobucket Album

This image has been uploaded fron photobucket. I was testing this image storage utility at photobucket.com - think flickr. The service is free, with a pro option and enables users to upload images and video from PC, email, or mobile (phone). This image was sent via SMS from my phone then shared using the share with blogger option. There's a number of options provided for sharing including Typepad, myspoce, blogger, and many others. I do think the image does need to be shrunck to a manageable size when blogging (ie (640x480 max) but overall the service is pretty simple so far. See http://www.photobucket.com - this image captured at the Celestial Seasonings factory in boulder, CO. The map shows tea growing regions that supply the company with product

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