May 07, 2007

sure, one more cup - 2 creams and one sugar please!

off topic.. oh man, I just realized after pouring myself a cup of coffee that I'm now working on my 8th cup of the day... is that normal? On the upside I've walked the dog (thanks Nash for getting me up at 4:45 today so I could get a head start on things), cranked out 2 newsletters this morning, updated about 25 press items on 3 sites, wrote 2 short articles, drove the kids to school, skimmed the paper, responded to about 25 emails, created and printed out some new business cards, shopped for a cheapo flight to San Jose, and a few other things... all before noon. If anyone has any suggestions on alternatives and maybe a way that I can weed myself away from this nasty addiction feel free to shout out to me... I'll be up and waiting for your response!

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