June 03, 2007

Fast Company slams Google's "real time" street views

More "ripping" on Google's Street Views... this time its from Fast Company. In an "interesting" read, the publication not onl;y refers to the high-res imagery as a form of stalking (I assume because you can make out people's identities) but in an amusing piece of mis-information they even refer to the imagery as being real time! Come on man, the images were like take several months ago. The article rounds up by noting that people are still trying to determine the usefulness of the imagery. I for one find them useful for helping locate a building or address by taking a virtual stroll down the street prior to actually going there. In a somewhat related matter. Microsoft will soon be rolling out additional 3D street-level imagery for the following cities: Austin, Texas; Cape Coral, Florida; Cincinnati; Indianapolis; Savannah, Georgia; and Tampa, Florida. Northampton, England, and Ottawa, Canada - recall New York was recently rolled out in high-res by the company.

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