July 11, 2007

GISuser Today - a look at some recent updates

From today's GISuser newsblast - An update... the other day I accidentally referred to Factle maps as "Fractle maps"... my bad. Also, regarding the dataset that was mentioned, apparently I may have stumbled onto a story that is brewing and may be making headlines over the months to come. The long and short of it is that data being distributed, given away, and sold by factle is the subject of a brewing ownership dispute involving Homegain and a familiar name, Maponics. Coincidentally Maponics has officially announced the commercial release of this data product just today (see PR below & blog) - stay tuned on this story as the details come in. On a side-note, be sure to check out this very clever neighborhood data product. The idea of mapping by neighborhood is a very clever one and I believe offers amazing opportunities to the users of these data. Given the social and economic characteristics that residents of a "neighborhood" share this could indeed truly become a very powerful and useful data product. Moving forward, I'm pleased to offer up another excellent Google Maps Tutorial from our regular Google contributing author, Eric Pimpler - see today's spotlight for a look at Integrating ArcGIS and Google Earth and the new time control element. Finally, congrats to Alex Philp and crew on word of the merger of GCS Research & Geo-Spatial Solutions Inc - good luck to all involved! Today's top news items include the launch of Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2008 and Autodesk Topobase 2008, GeoPDF being used by the USGS, and updates to Leica Geospatial's TITAN. Have a super day! PS: Have you created a Schmaplet yet ;0) See today's newsletter online at http://www.gisuser.com/newsletter/jul112007.html

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