August 29, 2007

What are people saying about your company? Get custom Google news alerts

Here's a how-to tip that will help you and your company stay abreast of who's taking about you and which resources (like are promoting your news or publishing material about your company - Google news alerts. Hopefully many of you already subscribe to alerts but if you don't then I suggest you consider doing so. Personally, I like adding these alerts to my custom google homepage (iGoogle) but you can also get these alerts via email. Here's how it works:
- jump to the awesome Google news home - this resource aggregates industry news from only bonafide news resources around the world (there's also a blog/news option as well collecting "news" from blogs. (yes indeed, a blog is different than a traditional news resource)
- search on a keyword like "esri"
- request email alert to the results of this news search
- optionally, view the output in RSS format
- it's very simple but very useful!
- you can now view news alerts as they appear online or get daily or even hourly alerts via email - once again, this is but one of the many great benefits of getting your news etc... featured at online news resources like GISuser,com, or!

Search for your company name or even your name using
Create an alert to receive results via email

Results are also available as RSS feeds which can be added to yoru custom iGoogle page

Display all your alerts and news feeds (RSS) on your custom iGoogle homepage - a HUGE time saver!

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