October 12, 2007

Gore and the Peace Prize?

All politic beliefs aside, is this real?? Gore shares in the Nobel Peace Prize... amazing! See more at http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/10/12/nobel.gore/index.html I appreciate all he's doing for the environment but come on... get real!


Anonymous said...

Obviously, the Nobel prize no longer means anything. Of course we knew that when Jimmy Carter won his after allowing militant Islam to take over a former allied nation, and brokering a peace agreement in Israel that meant nothing the day it was signed by Begin and the terrorist/scam artist/thief (who shall remain nameless) representing the so-called Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

Most wars today is about fighting for basic resources like water and food (we tend to tie them to religion because religion has a spatial property but forget to look at the basic spatial property). The climate changes we're already seeing today changes where these resources are, thus causing wars. Al Gore is not the first one to get the peace price for something not directly related to peace.
Basically it's about fighting the root of the cause instead of just the symptons.

Anonymous said...

Carter was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize because of a lifetime of effort towards peaceful solutions, not because of any single event. Gore was awarded the Nobel for basically the same reasons, although his efforts, going back to his early days in the Senate, were directed towards the environment. Both of their efforts were global in scale, and lasting many years. One must wonder why anyone would feel anything but admiration for these men.