August 31, 2008

Hurricane Gustav GIS data, Imagery and path compared to Katrina

Wow, dejavu! Here we am almost 3 years to the day on a Sunday morning as I find myself searching around for some real-time imagery and data showing a major Hurricane headed towards the Louisiana Gulf Coast. Perhaps the quickest way to access imagery and graphics showing the path of Gustav is via WeatherUnderground. NOAA's hurricane center is also a must-visit resource as is the NOAA NowCoast real-time webmapping service at
Perhaps of interest to some of you is the GIS data product available from NOAA (SHP file) for storm surge probabilities (.ZIP) - see NOAA for latest data updates. For more image captures from Hurricane Gustav and Katrina see here.

Other relevant weblinks:

Hurricane Gustav as seen Sunday AM via NOAA Goes Imagery
GOEES Imagery from 2005 showing the well developed eye of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Gustav path (Source: WeatherUnderground) Interesting as compared to the path that Hurricane Katrina took in 2005 (below)

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