August 15, 2008

Map Your favorite olympic athletes on Google Earth with EarthGamz

Earthgamz is definitely one of those WOW apps that you just can't stop messing with. This clever app enables users to map Olympic athletes in the app using Google Earth - embedded in the web app... very slick! Users can download the KML also and view athlete's bio info and see their TV listings... simply put, it's awesome! See
Thanks to slashgeo for the tip on this one!

Using Earthgamz I can browse into Fort Collins and check out how the local athletes are doing in Beijing


Anonymous said...

Wow, never seen anything like this. I've been playing with it for ours and following along with the Games to check out everyone's hometown and bio.

What a great app for any/all sports!

Weasel said...

this is totally cool. wish I had it from the beginning of the Olympics. I love just going to one site for all my olym needz!