October 10, 2008

2030 North: A National Planning Conference

Canada is waking up to the reality of a North transformed by climate change, challenges to northern sovereignty, and rapidly increasing natural resource exploration and development. But beyond vague and often contradictory messages about polar bears or the Northwest Passage, Canadians have no clear picture of what this will mean to their lands and waters, wildlife and peoples of the circumpolar world. 2030 NORTH will assemble the best data and expertise about the north to create the first comprehensive picture of the Arctic 20 years from now - and beyond. The conference will bring together over 350 Aboriginal leaders, scientists, academics, policy makers, NGOs, industry and government to generate the foundations of a comprehensive northern strategy for Canada. Debate and discussion around the following five themes will guide the conference: (1) Climate Change Impacts; (2) The Pace of Change; (3) Land Claims Agreements; (4) Northern Science Policy for Canada; (5) Canada's North: A New Strategy.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
1-4 June 2009
See http://www.2030north.carc.org/index.php

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