October 15, 2008

Another Mobile industry Review show

Have you see the MobileIndustry Review yet? If not, check out the latest edition filmed in London. Goog ol James Whatley is up to his usual self, hopping around an a coffee and red bull induced frienzy. Enjoy as he runs around asking people to show him their mobile... I love the chick with the dead N78!
Then there's the Nokia 6820 user.. nice, bet you haven't seen one of those for some time now! And a killer scene with the 3 US dudes that aren't carrying their phones with them (you know, roaming charges!) a tip, when in Europe check out one of the carrier shops and grab yourself a pre-paid SIM for cheap cheap, enabling you to actually use your device, if anything else you can use unlimited data while there! And then the lady with the iPhone thats getting slooooooower and sloooooower.. gee, haven't heard that complaint for some time! Enjoy the show and thanks guys!

Mobile Industry Review Show - Week 41 from Mobile Industry Review on Vimeo.

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