October 20, 2008

Blackberry storm - Touch, Built in GPS, Video, Camera, Maps and more

Yes indeed, the Blackberry Storm is here. This nifty device feature a Touch UI, 3.2 megapixel camera and much much more! Some of the features include:
* Wireless email
* Organizer
* Browser
* Phone
* Camera (3.2 MP)
* Video Recording
* BlackBerry® Maps
* Media Player
* Built-in GPS
* Corporate data access

blackberry storm


For Developers:

The new BlackBerry JDE versions and simulators are available as free downloads at www.blackberry.com/developers


avanwieren said...

Are there not other phones on the market that already have these features like the HTC tilt?

What makes this phone unique compared to other offerings?

Maybe I am missing something...

gletham Communications said...

sure there's other devices that are similar, however, given that my blog here reaches a vast N.A-based audience this is a very signif announcement. Research shows that Mobile device users tend to stay very loyal to brand, meaning that if you are now a Nokia device user chances are very very high that your next device will be a Nokia. So, for the many blackberry device users this will be a very appealing option. what makes this unique??? Well, its a GPS-enabled, touch UI from Blackberry... say no more!

avanwieren said...

Did not mean to sound negative. I was just curious as I am an avid lover of mobile phone technology. Good to see that blackberry is trying to keep up with the market.

I have been an HTC user with windows mobile for a little while now and I guess as you point out, I am pretty much attached to it. It has built in GPS, but I guess that is fairly standard in HTC devices.

I agree this does seem to be a great step forward for blackberry, they have had a decline in the market from what I remember compared to their hayday.

Look forward to reading about this more.