October 20, 2008

T-mobile invoicing finally a little greener

Looks like T-mobile is finally starting to do the right thing finally by getting a little greener. I've long wondered (along with many others) why every month I had to receive a 35 page (double sided) bill that detailed every call made from devices on my account. The thick bill was not only terribly difficult to interpret, but it was also a huge waste of paper. so now, finally, T-mobile is sending a greener version and cutting down on paper. It's a start I guess but I still think they can do much better. T-mobile... everyone on the planet has email (if not they should!), why not simply send me a 1 page summary bill like I get for any other utility bill and maybe also email me an electronic copy with a link to my account where I can view a detailed report if I like. The new 4 page bill is a nice try but you can still do better... in short, it's about time!
You can do the Green Thing too - See http://www.dothegreenthing.com/

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