September 23, 2010

Blogging to your Wordpress blog via Flickr

aug2010 - Glenn & Zoe
Originally uploaded by GIS and Social, Mobile Tech Images

A simple how-to reminder here as I generate this simple blog post from Flickr... did you know you could do that? I'm a huge Flickr fan and have been a user for a long time (it has to be more than 5 years now I'm sure). Something cool and very useful that I've been messing with recently is the ability share and blog from your photos.

Using this photo as an example, I simply select the Share option and Blog sub-option. then, from a list of pre-configured blogs (I'm posting to wordpress self-hosted and blogger hosted blogs) I can easily share a photo and provide any additional text that I want.

The process may not be perfect, but there's no arguing that it really is handy!

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