January 19, 2012

Social Media Cheat Sheets for Twitter, fadcebook, Gmail

Ok, this isn't exactly GEO, however, for those producing and sharing media, Geo data etc... there's loads to know about social media and how to leverage these tools. I recently found some handy cheat sheets that are available for download (PDF). A simple request form is required (painless) and these handy sheets are pretty useful!
 Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts: Facebook provides users with about a dozen of handy shortcuts that users may use for faster navigation through Facebook. For instance, Alt+1 will take you to your home page. Alt+M will take you to a new message screen. There are many more and this cheat sheet list them all, including codes for Facebook chat emoticons.
 Twitter Shortcuts: Many people don't know, but ever since Twitter redesigned its website they have added a bunch of handy features including support for keyboard shortcuts. This cheat sheet lists all shortcuts that you can use to navigate Twitter faster.
 Gmail Shortcuts: When it comes to Gmail there are a bunch of very useful shortcuts that make it easy to navigate and perform certain actions in Gmail. Download the Gmail cheat sheet. It's free.

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