April 02, 2012

Geo Tech Career Hunting Tips, Tricks, and Suggestions To Score an Interview

Finding a job can be a daunting task but it doesn’t have to be. Many are turning to social media, in particular Twitter, to help score a new gig. Here’s some helpful social media job hunting resources, a few tips, and some simple ideas that could help.
  • Keep your resume and cover letter templates up to date
  • Just starting out as a recent College grad? Consider adding some industry certification to your resume (like a GISP)
  • Create multiple resume versions and cover letters tailored for a specific type of job
  • Create a good LinkedIn profile – many if not most hiring agents use LinkedIn
  • Keep your social media profiles and accounts clean and professional – HR people will search you!
  • If you see jobs posted in discussion boards on LinkedIn then reply Privately to the posting person
  • If it doesn’t jeopardize you in some way be open! Share on your social streams that you are searching for a new job and briefly tout your expertise.
  • Don’t surf the web and apply for jobs while at work
  • If you know people at companies that interest you then come right out and ask if anything is available or perhaps coming available soon… be aggressive!
  • You may think business cards are “oild school” but don’t fool yourself, carry one with you ALWAYS – get custom “ME” cards made at MOO.com
  • Provide logical, clear, professional contact information on your resume – don’t use some lame email address like BigBeer69@gmail.com and be sure to also include a phone number. If you have to, secure a free Google Voice number, very handy!
  • Use niche job boards – Monster and Dice are great for job ads from big companies, however, if you’re interested in smaller companies you’ll want to hit the industry specific boards. For Geo tech brows the GJC.org, GeoSearch, GISlounge, GISjobs.com and our own GISuser job board.
  • For geeky, hard-core developer jobs (for example, companies like Ubisense, Geocommons, WeoGeo, Zekiah etc…) be sure to monitor their blogs. Quite often these companies will rely mainly on their social networks and blog to reach people that they know already believe in them and are fans!
  • Are you sure you are willing to relocate? Before you apply for a job that’s 3,000 miles away make sure and don’t waste everyone’s time.
  • Will you hire foreign workers or will you move to another country? Believe me, I’ve been through this and there’s MANY issues to deal with and its no cake walk, particularly for the worker on a visa.
  • Google yourself and double-check ALL your social media streams… it’s amazing what you’ll find!
  • Be genuine, don’t lie on your resume and don’t suck up {too much} – and don’t call yourself an “expert” unless you can back up that statement!
  • For a helpful read check out Lifehacker and How to promote yourself without being Sleazy!
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