December 15, 2018

Canada Open Data -

Not to be confused with Canada’s open data portal (yes, I know it’s confusing!) Geogratis is the home of data, maps and publications from Natural Resources Canada. The CGDI is an on-line resource that improves the sharing, access and use of geospatial information – information tied to geographic locations in Canada. It helps decision-makers from all levels of government, the private sector, non–government organizations and academia make better decisions on social, economic and environmental priorities. Data are organized according to the country’s major resource sectors: Energy, mines, forests, while other main topic areas include The North and the Environment. A quick search of popular data reveals access to digital vector data products (CanVec), digital topographic maps, and a very comprehensive atlas of Canada Maps. 

For downloadable digital data, visitors are sent offsite to several resources. These include: 

The infrastructure itself consists of data, standards, policies, technologies and partnerships that are in place to allow the sharing and visualization of information on the Internet.  

Twitter: @NRCan 

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