May 24, 2005

Search A9, Texas GIS labs, Virtual Earth

Still can't find what your looking for? Have you tried Amazon's A9 search portal yet?

The site boasts a "Beta" status but is quite useable. The typical listing of hits is provided as well as related image thumbnails akin to Goggle's image search crawl. Sidebar tabs link your search term directly to other criteri like a Wiki crawl, movie search etc See

Texas-based media/news site has reported that the 2 labs that played an instrumental role in the Columbia Shuttle recovery mission are merging - the result will be the Columbia Geospatial Service Center - you can see the whole story here

More on search portals

A decent comparison of the search engine giants can be found at searchenginejournal. They give the latest on the progress being made by A9, Google maps, Google Earth, and MS Virtual Earth

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