July 07, 2005

Google Earth Hacks & useful developer docs

A talk-back thread from an O'reilly weblog I also maintain pointed me to a new website for google map hackers - you'll find it at http://www.googleearthhacks.com/
The site hasn't got much "meat" at the moment and it appears to be focusing on simply reposting image captures of cool places discovered using Google Earth.. a cool idea I guess, although not really a "hack" nor rocket science.. actually, if I'm not mistaken I believe that as part of the license agreement with Google Earth, screen grabs are actually a big no no and not allowed.
On the flip side, the website did point me to an interesting developer document now available from keyhole - the
Google Earth KML Document - http://www.keyhole.com/kml/kml_tut.html - The document reveals everything a developer (or map hack) needs in order to create and share information with a Google Earth client.

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