July 09, 2005

Hurricane Resources and Map service

With hurricane season coming so early this year, I felt it was timely to create this spotlight.
Looking for a Specific Storm Track? Curious Where Hugo, Fran, or Ivan Made Landfall? Then this application from NOAA is what you need. Easily search for tropical cyclone tracks from Atlantic and Pacific data by entering a ZIP Code, latitude and longitude coordinates, city or state, or geographic region and then view the selected tracks on a map. Want to build your own webmap service? Access and download the historical hurricane data for yourself!
The hurricane map viewer is very simple and useful. Wnat to see a track? Simply click the Find button and select a storm by name and year. The track will be displayed on the map. Want to develop your own application? This can be done too by downloading the historical hurricane data. You can find it HERE (SHP format) or locate the link in the GISuser / Downloads / Data section.
Other useful hurricane related weblinks:
Atlantic Basin table of storm names and numbers (PDF)
Info about Hurricane Floyd, 1999
Hurricane Evacuation zone maps
Hurricane prepardeness
For detailed and upto the minute reports see the National Hurricane Center

PS: to the gas gouging independant retailers in NW Florida.. you guys suck!

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