July 09, 2005

Where 2.0 O'reilly notes Hackers are teaching the industry

From Tim O'reilly... "Google maps with Craigslist is the first true Web 2.0 application, neither of the sites was involved…a developer put it together," he said. "Hackers are teaching the industry what to do."

O'reilly also noted that all the killer apps are now using open source

See the blog here - http://blogs.zdnet.com/BTL/index.php?p=1565

Also regarding google maps... this discussion gets real interesting. Participants in the discussion are Yahoo!'s Jeffrey McManus and ChicagoCrime.org's Adrian Holovaty (Google map hacker) - Why the Yahoo! Maps API is Better Than Brand X Maps API - http://mcmanus.typepad.com/grind/2005/06/why_the_yahoo_m.html

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