August 04, 2005

GIS Technicians and Typing?

Ok... I can see the logic in requiring a GIS Analyst to be proficient with Windows OS, sql, and Linux etc..., however, it send me around the bend when I see job announcements that require a GIS analyst to not only be able to type 45 words per minute but to also have a typing certificate! Gimme a break... well, if you want to work as a GIS Tech in  Douglas County Nevada then you'll need a certificate according to a recent career posting. Apparently it's so important that this requirement is even in BOLD on the application form. I think Douglas County should perhaps consider having their GIS coordinator write up their career announcements and maybe consider putting an emphasis on real life skills and successes and let the typing requirements soft themselves out. FYI, you can check out the job announcement at or in the career section.

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