October 11, 2005

More on Google vs ESRI Pricing

FYI, for the record, I should have stated earlier (regarding my post about price comparison of ESRI vs Google Earth - see below) that I was simply relaying some material from the Keyhole BBS that was sent to me from a colleague. I did think it was somewhat interesting and the author does in fact have some good points. Google Earth does provide a developer with some interesting functionality and the real strengths lie in the integration of apps with the Internet (my opinion). However, to imply that an enterprise user could simply trade in their ESRI site license and go with solutions provided by Google is obviously ridiculous. Developers are going to embrace the APIs that Google brings to them and the progress Google has made by bringing geospatial technology awareness to the mainstream has been incredible.. in the long run all the existing GIS players are going to benefit from this.

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