November 11, 2005

Alertdude Google Mashup maps Florida sexual offenders

Alertdude Google Mashup maps Florida sexual offenders
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We've seen mashups recently that are mapping and tracking sexual

predators, however, alertdude is taking things a bit further. The site

only maps Florida predators at the moment, however, the user interface

is very slick and this application adds some e-commerce into the mix by

enabling users to subscribe to alerts. The mapping is not your typical,

vanilla google mash-up as it has loads of bells and whistles. The app is

relatively fast and uses some nifty technology. The author tells us, the

flash movie sends the xml to the browser as a string, which is then

loaded and parsed in javascript. The xmldom then parses the file to

create the markers and the description used in the info window. Users

can search by address or a simple zip code. Results show up as

attractive icons depicting either predators or offenders. Clicking on

the icon provides additional information (to registered users) and

displays a photo of the offender along with a description and criminal

history. Try it out at - I can't wait to see

this application expanded! Users can join to get instant alerts,

detailed offender info and action reports for $1.99 monthly.

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