November 11, 2005

GIS & GISCorps go prime-time on CNN

Geospatial technologies are gaining more recognition every day. the latest,  a report on CNN that looks at how geocoding was a central part in the Hurricane Katrina Search efforts. Now us involved in "geo" are well aware of the capabilities that exist, however, now the mainstream user and reader of CNN is becoming aware of just how signifcant GIS and Geospatial technologies really are. From the article... "They [Coast Guard] would get phone calls, or the Coast Guard would come in with addresses in their hands and say, 'I need a latitude and longitude for this address.' So the GIS professionals would do a geocoding, give it to the Coast Guard who got on helicopters and saved lives," said Shoreh Elhami, director of GISCorps. See teh article here -

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