December 08, 2005

GIS and Geospatial news updates for Dec 7

With the year-end approaching, many of you will be making resolutions for 2006... a suggestion; you might look into the GIS programs being offered by Fleming College in Ontario, Canada. Programs of study include GIS Technician, GIS Cartographic Specialist, and Geomatics Technician. All programs commence January or September 2006. Don't need further education but rather, interested in securing some grants? If so then be sure to keep an eye on the 2006 CAP grant programs.. funding is to be announced any day now so be sure to watch to access the grant announcements. Finally, if you've been monitoring the recent news regarding the MapServer project, check out the ongoing discussions and comments in our Forum. Jason from Nanaimo and Rick from the U of M have some interesting words on the topic. For more about these topics see

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