December 08, 2005

GIS and geospatial news updates today at GISuser

Today is a huge day for Microsoft... enter Windows Local Live (! By now we are all familiar with Google Maps and the amazing functionality provided via the web service. Now we have another very slick alternative product to help visualize your search, provide directions, maps, imagery, and other "local" information. I'm off to Seattle this week-end for some "fun" so as a testbed I queries Seattle for a Starbucks close to my hotel. As can be expected a number of hits resulted. I was presented with the familiar "MapPointish" map and started panning and zooming about... the server was extremely fast! Once I zoomed-in tight enough I notice an option to view bird's-eye image.. clicking this tab results in the display of high-resolution, oblique aerial images... wow... I could spot pedestrians crossing the street... be sure to check this service out and please share your thoughts with us in the discussion forum.. or simply blast me your thoughts. Finally, congrats to all those recognized by the annual MAPublisher Map Awards... details below. A Christmas tip... how about a fabulous print from our antique map collection? See more at

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