December 29, 2005

Yahoo! maps, Google maps, Mapquest hit Saturday Night

Yahoo! maps, Google maps, Mapquest featured on SNL... nice plug for geospatial last week as the map search engine leaders get a nice plug by the crew of SNL in a skit..
SNL cast members Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg walk and rap through the streets of the Big Apple and feature the map engines in an amusing context... some details from the script...
They're rapping about where to see The Chronicles or Narnia
Chris: Let's hit up Yahoo Maps to find the dopest route.
(image of Yahoo Maps page visible)
Andy: I prefer MapQuest
Chris: That's a good one too.
Andy: Google Maps is the best.
Chris: Tru dat!
Andy and Chris: Double True!
The words "Double True" appear in Google colors.
 The complete transcript (unofficial) of the rap is also online. See - thanks to SearEngineWatch for picking up on this

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