January 18, 2006

Geospatial Podcasts / vodcasts directory

With the growing interest and heightened demand for podcasts and vodcasts, I thought it was appropriate to add a category in our tools section at GISuser devoted to these cool learning aids. So, if you jump to the "Free Tools" category at HERE and browse all the way to the bottom you'll find the latest addition to this valuable resource. The selection of podcasts is a bit skinny right now but we hope for some suggestions real soon so please feel free to send us details of videos to be included. FYI, if you're looking for some amusing videos or want to upload some of your own, be sure to check google's video gallery at video.google.com... there's quite a bit of crap there but there's also some great opportunities here for exposure so I wouldn't hesitate to upload a learning video or product demo here.


Anonymous said...

Hi there. A question about these podcasts: Do they connect to the internet through iPods? ...is there some special software you need to receive the casts, or is it strictly download from a computer?

GISuser said...

anyone can listen to them... I like to download them and then listen on my PC using the free itunes application software - you don't need an ipod to use itunes. Then, once you get an ipod (or similar device) you can then take the podcasts with you on the road as well.. handy!