January 15, 2006

Google Earth Contest? Wait till January 31 and see for yourself I guess

I recall this was previously announced, however, it seems to have resurfaced. The contest (hosted at http://EarthContest.com) claims to have some 60,000+ entrants already yet it hasn't been officially opened. The objective here is to register and then take part in the biggest, baddest geo contest on the planet! The Big Game, scheduled to launch at midnight January 31st 2006 challenges players to solve mysteries, complete puzzles, and travel around the globe to defeat The GameMaster - think of the amazing race except you're at your desk and using a PC and the Google Earth client. Sounds cool, loads of hype... prizes?? Not sure yet. If anything it may be getting loads of attention by playing on the google earth "hysteria"... akin to the milliondollarhomepage idea.. you know... get rich without really doing anything except coming up with a cool idea that nobody else thought of... then sit back, watch the $$ roll in and issue PR and setup press interviews etc... I haven't decided if I'll take part yet since I likely have about 101 more important things to do.

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