January 05, 2006

Google to Launch the $199 PC via Wall-Mart Retailers... hold on.. let me check those facts!

I guess April fools day came early, particularly for the "writers" at the LA Times... check this one out! In some amazing fictional writing, the reporters laid out some clever predictions, even citing a "source" to apparently back up their predictions. I guess we need to keep in mind that these are predictions, however, the fact that the tips were provided by analysts leads one to believe that there may be some substance... not likely though. So what's the prediction? Reports were flying around this week that Google would make some huge announcements this week at CES, most notably, the target was who else?? Microsoft of course. In the crystal ball the "Times" predicted that Google would announce the coming of low-priced PCs that would retail at Wall-Mart (some reported prices that would be sub $200.. imaging the $199 PC?). Add to that, how about a PC powered by the Google OS.... forget it.. its bogus! Since the report only cites "sources" one can only assume that it was a clever scheme to garner some web traffic... I'm sure it worked! Next time I hope they report on facts. Check out the article at http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-predict1jan01,0,3503327.story


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