January 21, 2006

An interesting take on Search Engine positioning

An interesting perception of search engine's and the linking or lack thereof to relevant news and news articles of interest has been offered up in an article on sys-con.com. The author has tested the functionality of leading news search aggregators (Google news, Yahoo! news etc...) and come up with some interesting findings. What it boils down to (and I can attest to similar findings) Google news appears to seek out and point to original news and articles, providing accurate and useful search results, whereas, anyone with a decent search placement on Yahoo! (an art that nobody seems to be able to get a handle on) can get picked up and ranked number 1 (or near the top), regardless of whether they are the true author or have copied the material from another source. In the article (which I unfortunately can't locate at the moment because sys-con's search utility is not working correctly, they reference an article published on their website. When conducting a search on the various search engines it is easily located using Google, yet when the same search is conducted using Yahoo!, the article turns up on a site (blog) which has copied the article directly from the sys-con website... the link to the "rip-off artist" came up at the top of the search and no lead to the original article turned up... how important is search engine positioning? Ever submitted a resource to Yahoo! using the submit website utility?? Good luck!

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