January 19, 2006

KMLer and TypeConvert ArcGIS 9 extension for working with Google Earth

I recently caught wind of a new ArcGIS extension from the developer of KMLer developed by Valery Hronusov Programming, Michael Barsky Mines Institute Ural branch of the Russian Academy of sciences.. they bill the application as "the ArcGIS 9 extension for professional work with Google Earth". In a nutshell, here's what you can do with the extension... Export to KML. Convert vector layers into Google Earth *.kml or *.kmz files. - Import from KML. Convert data from Google Earth vector files to ArcMap layers. Supports multiply import of *.kml and *.kmz files to *.shp files or geodatabase. - Export screen. Saves current screen of ArcMap data view as overlay with coordinates. Opens overlay in Google Earth.  Imports current Google Earth screen shots as grayscale raster and much more. I haven't taken it for a test drive but will do soon... The develope also has made available the free extension for ArcGIS called Typeconvert see http://mi-perm.ru/gis/programs/programs.html & http://mi-perm.ru/gis/programs/typeconvert/index.html

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