January 31, 2006

Looking for a new smartphone? check out the BenQ - WiFi, quad band and PDA-like functionality...sweet!

I was recently checking out what mobile device make BenQ has been up to... in doing so I came across an amazing new mobile device (smart) that should be of interest to anyone currently using or considering using a Blackberry, Treo, or symbian smartphone.. enter the P50... this device is sweet! Features that got my attention include (but not limited to): built in antenna, large screen with PDA-like functionality, Built-in WiFi 802.11b, loads of bundled apps like Skype and instant messaging, voice recognition, and office apps. 1.3 mega-pixel camera/video, Java game support, quad-band GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900, Built-in Bluetooth & IrDA, Fast USB Syncing, SDIO Support,  SD/MMC Memory Card and loads more... check it out at .. oh, it runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile - see more details at http://www.benq.com/NewProducts/product.cfm?product=13

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