January 31, 2006

More info about Imagery for the Nation

I just caught wind from the ND GIS listserv about a program called, "Imagery for the Nation."  First proposed at the 2004 NSGIC (National States Geographic Information Council) conference, it was further detailed at the 2005 conference.  The message noted that a lot of work has been and is going on behind the scenes.  The current plan calls for a business plan to be developed this spring. If if the federally-funded program moves forward, the Imagery for the Nation program will provide nation-wide aerial imagery on an annual basis for most states.  States will have the ability to "buy-up" from the default 1m, natural color, leaf-on.  States will be asked for their imagery requirements.  More information can be found at http://www.nsgic.org/committees1/documents/Jan%2016%202006%20Imagery_for_the_Nation_Flyer_NSGIC_V14.pdf (6 MB PDF)

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