February 28, 2006

ASK adds maps but you'll likely ASK yourself why here and not at Google?

As if there isn't already enough choices for online maps and directions, ASK.com (you know - that search portal that used to have that annoying Butler named Jeeves) has ditched Jeeves and has "relaunched" with a number of new features, including maps. Users can search by address and view a Street, aerial, or mixed view. The resulting images from GlobeXplorer and Navteq are very reminiscent of what you'd get from a search at Google Maps, including the balloon and information panel to go with it (ASK uses a sign instead of a balloon). Visiting http://www.ask.com results in a simple "searchenginish" looking doorway offering options of news, images, maps, shopping, yadayada. You can use ASK to search for "stuff" by I would have to ASK.. why would you use this instead of Google??

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James Fee said...

Unlike Google Maps, the aerial on Ask's mapping service doesn't have a cloud over my house.