February 24, 2006

Mapping Seinfeld via Google Maps - a fun Mashup

Like many of you, I'm a Seinfeld fan... not just a fan, but I'm a huge fan... likely able to ramble off the plot, quotes etc... from virtually every episode... anyway, of interest to all you other Seinfeld-a-holics out there, check out this innovative Google Mashup (from stolasgeospatial) that maps locations in New York City that actually played a part in Seinfeld episodes. Each icon offers up a place description as well as a detailed description of the episode of interest and the role that the physical location played in the script. To date there's only a couple of dozen locations posted and I look forward to many more being added. See http://www.stolasgeospatial.com/seinfeld.htm

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crashlmc said...

That is an amazing mashup... one of my favorites... I love how "the world" is move away from html which is not only seperating information and presentation to allow content mobility but also enabling content mashups like Bashr and Frappr.

This is unleashing the creativity of man... or the online programmer...