February 23, 2006

National Green Check GPS Certification training programs

This comes from the people at guidepostservices, Every 3rd Saturday, starting March 2006 National Green Check GPS Certification training programs are now being offered by Guidepost Services, a recreational GPS, map, compass training centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada For details visit www.guidepostservices.ca


CCAer said...

$200 for a one day on how to a GPS? Someone is making a tidy sum of money on an easy to teach/learn topic.

Anonymous said...

Most people take GPS technology for granted. When it works, it works. Confidence builds, and the user takes on more and more challenges. Hundreds of people last year became lost while carrying a cell phone and GPS. They could not properly identify their location to the authorities. No power, no maps, no compasses, no wilderness skills, no navigation skills, no planning are just some of the reason why these courses are important. Its a tool. GPS needs to be part of a group of tools available to you to support the development of your wilderness navigation skills. Courses such as the GreenCheck GPS Certification program will help help you come home. The $200 fee covers, manuals, dvd instructional guides, 8 hours of training, and individual use of a selected series of maps, compass, and GPS. We have had NO-ONE request their money back, and in fact, most of the students are referred by word of mouth by former students.
for more infor email infor@guidepostservices.ca

Bob Gaspirc said...

well we have just finished another season of Map, compass, GPS training, and contray to what the first blogger said, its been a succesful year.

I found again, and again, most of the persons using GPS, take it for granted, and cannot use it in the way it was meant to be used.

Basis training, datums, projections, scale, map reading, compass reading and use, and basic navigation are just a few of the topics we deal with. I note that the "teachers" in the group this year are adding material from my courses and are now providing it to their students.

If want more info on Guidepostservices.ca or need more infomation on the National Greencheck GPS Certification program either email me at info@guidepostservices.ca or call me at 416-277-2675 - thanks

Bob Gaspirc
Guidepostservices canada

Anonymous said...

FYI - it is now a two day map, compass, GPS, wilderness navigation course

contact bg@guidepostservices.ca