February 05, 2006

Open Source Geospatial Foundation notes from Mapping Hacks

Over at the Mapping Hacks weblog, the crew (Schuyler Erle, Rich Gibson, and Jo Walsh) has posted a pretty detailed recap of yesterday's Mapserver Foundation meeting which took place in Chicago. Most notably, a new name for the foundation has been decided on and Tyler offers up this description of the "new" foundation's mandate... The Open Source Geospatial Foundation, or OSGeo for short, will seek to provide roughly the same kind of function for the F/OSS GIS community that the Apache Software Foundation provides for the Apache development and user communities, with the primary difference being that, where Apache started as a single project and then branched out, the OSGeo Foundation is attempting to weld together the overlapping but sometimes disparate interests of different projects with different communities. See http://mappinghacks.com/index.cgi/2006/02/04#osgeo-foundation - Of interest, I was just attempting to check out thee IRC logs again but the server could not be located.. perhaps due to overload???

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Anonymous said...

Read with care - the post was from Schuyler, who was there. The others were not.